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September 10th, 2006
Medimatics, developer of CoumaTrace™ and Reference Lab Interface (RLI), announces a strategic marketing agreement with SRSSoft. The agreement is to market the RLI to SRSoft's customers.

July 20th, 2006
Cardiac Specialists of Connecticut implements CoumaTrace™ for its 15-physician, 5-location cardiology group.

July 12th, 2006
Medimatics launches its latest software product, CoumaTrace™, a server-based anticoagulation management software (AMS).

April 7th, 2006
Medimatics announced today the launch of its newest software product, Reference Lab Interface (RLI). RLI enables patient reference lab results to be directly posted in real-time into SRS Freedom Chart Manager™.

January 12, 2006
Medimatics, a former strategic business unit of MDx Medical, formally spins off to focus on the marketing, support and continued development of custom medical software development and its HL7 interface practice group.

December 12, 2005
Software development begins on CoumaTrace™, the server-based anticoagulation management software. Partner-client Robert Hendler, FACMPE of Cardiac Specialists, P.C. of Connecticut, contributes substantially to the clinical and technical components of the product’s development.

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