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Step up to better CoumaCare management.

Now is the time to replace your old, unsupported anticoagulation management program (such as CoumaCare) with the premier coagulation management software. CoagTrak® is a fully supported, browser-based software that helps you stay in control of your patients' Coumadin® therapy.

Through customizable workflow schema, (CoagTrak conforms to your workflow, rather than the other way around,) color coded action alerts, task queues and comprehensive reporting features, CoagTrak gives you the control you need to effectively manage a few to a few hundred patients.

And while delivering excellent patient care is the primary goal of any anticoagulation clinic, profitability and managing malpractice concerns are also important. To address these issues, CoagTrak provides two features, an integrated progress note and turn-key letter fulfillment to help practices improve billing, patient communication and overall documentation.

Please contact us today to learn more about our CoumaCare management program.

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