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Integrated Progress Note

What is the Integrated Progress Note?

CoagTrak’s integrated progress note ensures you capture the most revenue for your clinic while seamlessly integrating the note into the patient's chart.

After completing the progress note, a charge slip ("Superbill") is generated and is available for print out or may be integrated into your practice management (PM) billing system.

"Since deploying CoagTrak we have better patient follow-up and note taking; better patient care is being delivered."

How it Works

When meeting with a patient, the progress note gives the practitioner an all inclusive form to take patient notes. With a few simple clicks, you can fill out all the necessary information for a point of care visit, including:
  • Vitals
  • Review of and add to medications
  • Clinical review
  • Common patient questions
  • Verify previous anticoagulation dosing
  • Enter the current INR result
  • Enter new dosing instructions
  • Chief complaint
  • History of present illness
  • Review of systems
  • Physical exam
  • Assessment and plan
The integrated progress note recognizes and suggests the billing code associated with the progress note. Then the practitioner simply:
  • Prints out the progress note manually or electronically.
  • Adds it to the patient record or includes it in the practice's EMR.
  • Hands off the charge slip ("Superbill" to the Biller or to the practice's PM for automated charge entry.
  • Prints out the patient dosing schedule to hand to patient.

Value to You

  • Improves patient care. Gives the provider all the questions necessary to give a through exam.
  • Increases efficiency. All information required to perform an encounter is already captured during the patient encounter and creates a charge slip ("Superbill") for the encounter.
  • Increases reimbursements. Potentially higher reimbursement due to better documentation.
  • Improves compliance. Improves Medicare and HIPPA audit compliance Efficiencies of integration.
  • EMR, EHR integration increases staff productivity and satisfaction.
  • Practice Management (PM) integrates billing, and reduces lost charges, denied claims, re-keying and time-to-billing rates.
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